Lakeside Amusement Park booth

lakeside, illustration — June 14, 2012


An updated rendering of this art moderne Lakeside Amusement Park ticket booth, designed by Richard Crowther.

Sunclair Super Station

cars — May 19, 2012


My SketchUp illustration of the Sinclair Super Station, built in 1965.

This top drawing was the #1 post on Reddit on Saturday night! (May 19th 2012)



The curves on the pump start breaking down a bit this closeup

The Frosted Scotchman

denver — March 5, 2012


Hello all, I am back with a new illustration after taking a break to concentrate
on photography for awhile. This is a cross-post-with my more active website,
The Denver Eye!

This Googie sign once stood in front of the Scotchman burger place on Federal,
north of I-70. It started as The Frosted Scotchman in 1950, shortened to just
The Scotchman in 1953, sadly closing in 1977. But before that, it was the Denver
American Graffiti -style malt shop of choice for hot-rod cruisers!


While my drawing can look a little lifelike, this is not a photo. I illustrated the lettering
and ‘Scotch girl’ in the 2D vector application CorelDraw, then I import those into the 3D drawing application Google Sketchup to create the rest of the sign. I hope you enjoy the results!


Coming soon…

links — February 14, 2011

As many of you may know, I have neglected this site for a bit to concentrate more on photography on my other site, as opposed to illustration here on ModMidMod. Sorry if I have been missing your comments, I thought they were forwarding to my home email, sadly they were not. I will be posting more illustrations here soon, as well as continuing with photography on The Eye.

Thank you all for the kind words!! -Tom LundinĀ 

Jack in the Box

illustration — November 9, 2010


Hi there, sorry I don’t post more often. I have been concentrating on my other site, but I got back to illustration after work today. Hope you like it.

Monsanto House of the Future illustration

illustration — February 16, 2010


My illustration of the Monsanto House of the Future at ’50s Disneyland.


spartan sled radio drawing

illustration — January 26, 2010


I visited Denver’s Vance Kirkland Museum and saw this Art Deco radio that I just had to draw for fun.


It is specifically a 1937 Spartan 558 Sled Radio!



By the way, the RRS Feed is now working, and take a peek at my other website,

Sinclair Gas Station drawing

denver, illustration — January 16, 2010


Sinclair Gas Station drawing, based on the station still standing on South Broadway (as of this writing) in Denver, built sometime in the 1950s, I presume.


Sinclair made AM radios that looked like these pumps. Let me know if you have an extra one!


Variations on this gas station are peppered all over the Denver area. The all have that same roof over the pumps.



Cooney House

florida, illustration — December 31, 2009


Just got back from Sarasota, and I didn’t get any good pictures!


But I did get to tour a great place, The Cooney House by Sarasota School of Architecture architect Tim Siebert, designed 1967.


I woke up the following day and decided to try to draw this up from memory, while it was still fresh!


A very interesting house! Those are floor to ceiling doors, they must be 9 feet or so in height!

flw jacob’s house

illustration — December 12, 2009


3D drawing of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Jacobs House, a Usonian design from 1937.


I was looking at some of the illustrations by SketchUp illustrator Jeff Thielemier, and thought I should try to draw a complicated Usonian home.


I draw very quickly. 3 hours last Friday, 1 hour Saturday, and a couple of more hours tonight.





I’ll probably add a few more details to the interior, then upload it to the 3D Warehouse.




Google Sketchup

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