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links — March 21, 2008

I’ve been a little busy to post pictures or drawings, so here are some links to enjoy through the weekend:

» First off, the future of photography: Some truly fantastic
High Dynamic Range photos

» Next stop, the beauty of Lost America

» Hong Kong from a hilltop

» Compare that last shot to this panoramic view of London

» Then see what is planned for Dubai’s artificial Island City

» Is it time to update Gustave Eiffel’s Tower? Well at least, temporarily!

» 10 of the world’s most Beautiful Bridges

» A Staircase like no other

» Umm, there is no other way to put this:
Extremely impressive shiny balls. Sorry about that!

» 30 of the most creative Bookshelf Designs

» Mod eco-friendly “Green” Cardboard Furniture. Just don’t get them wet.

» Speaking of paper, you have to see the Papercut Art of Peter Callesen

» Eccentric architecture. Again with the shirtless russian mob guy, sorry!

» Crazy Apartment Addition. Not so sure I could get comfortable in this room.

» Another “stunning” Solar Building

» And finally, tell me, what is this?

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