Colorado Department of Health Center building

denver, photos — September 29, 2009


Another building from the former University of Colorado medical campus to meet the wrecking ball soon, the Colorado Department of Health Center building, designed by Eugene Sternberg, I believe in the late-’50s.

02 Denver_Sternberg_IMG_2505z

This building is a classic example of International-style, as opposed to the Usonian-style of the previous post. In some ways it reminds me of the Texaco Building on Grant.

03 Denver_Sternberg_IMG_2507z

Eugene Sternberg is well known for his contribution to Arapahoe Acres, and his many social mind designs for hospitals and schools, such as the Arapahoe Community College building.

04 Denver_Sternberg_IMG_2506z

Wonderful light fixture design

05 Denver_Sternberg_IMG_2504z

Boomerang benchs

06 Denver_Sternberg_IMG_2502z

It’s been clear for quite awhile that this building is going to be tore down, they have been letting it fall into disrepair.

07 Denver_Sternberg_IMG_2510z

It’s too bad they could bring themselves to repurpose these medical campus buildings.

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