Apr 3 2010

Diggin’ thru some records on Saturday night

Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez – The Happy Organ

Time to relax and handle some records for a change. First up, this Baby Cortez Lp on RCA Victor, though I know the 45 was on an independent. Guess they sold his contract to Victor.

Johnny Cash – Everybody Loves a Nut

Great Columbia Records comedy lp with a Jack Davis (Mad Magazine) cover!

Carl Stevens – High Society Twist

One of the big names at Mercury Records, Carl cut a wide variety of LPs, including a few crazy records like this one. ’30s tunes done crazy to a twist beat.

Joe Houston – Rocks And Rolls All Night Long

Out of sight sax great, includes his raunch classic tune All Night Long

Elmer Bernstein – The Man With The Golden Arm soundtrack

This great Sinatra film had a soundtrack filled with West Coast Jazz stars. Shorty Rogers and his Giants featuring Shelly Manne.

Jack Marshall – The Marshall Swings

Jack Marshall is most famous for the Munsters theme. Like that song, this is hard guitar orchestra with harpishord.

Grandpa Jones – Mountain Dew

On Nashville Records, must be a subsidiary of Starday.

Dean Hightower – Twangy With a Beat

Great George Barnes protege. Barnes is on this LP as well.

Doug Clark & His Hot Nuts – Panty Raid

The ultimate Animal House frat rock, sloppy gut bucket drunk RnB and jokes.

Bo Diddley Is A Lover

Dig that fur-covered guitar!

Burlesque Uncensored

Incredible burlesque records on the insane Cook Laboratories Records. Check out that back cover. Typical crazy Cook. Check out this killer vinyl below:

Mar 23 2010

Listening to records…

Music From Monitor

Monday night, time to wade through some records for a change. Nothing to download for you, but get a load of the great LP covers while I listen to them. First off, dig that crazy aluminum record player!

Duane Eddy – Twistin’ ‘N’ Twangin’

Favorite tune… “Twistin’ Off a Cliff” of course

Chet Atkins in Hollywood

Harmonicats – The Cat’s Meow

Harmonica orchestras of the ’50s all descend from Borrah Minevitch’s Harmonica Rascals, Youtube them.

George Wright – Flight to Tokyo

The king of the Wurlitzer organ.

Lenny Dee – DEE-lightful

His first lp. It has his organ instro version of the rockabilly hit he wrote, Plantation Boogie.

The Primitive Sounds of Henny Youngman

Music To Make Housework Easier

Buddy Cole – Powerhouse

The title track is the killer big band tune by Raymond Scott, made famous by Carl Stalling in Warner Bros cartoons.

intact inside Warner Brothers sleeves

Si Zenter – The Swinging Eye

Three Suns – Malaguena

Not all Three Suns are great, but this one is. You want the ones that are just accordian, guitar & organ, not so much the ones with lots of string arrangements.

Paul Weston – The Sweet and The Swingin’

A great record, with some great jazz players.

Nipsey Russell – Guzzling and Giggling Party

Enoch Light – The Private Life of a Private Eye

Probably the most engaging record by this easy listening band leader.